Church membership is an important step in which a person makes the public statement that they are committed to the mission and ministry at Heritage and in agreement with our core doctrinal beliefs.  This public commitment allows us to better shepherd our church family and enriches our unity as a church as we serve together.  Requirements for membership at Heritage include:

  • You have placed your  faith in Christ and been baptized as a believer by immersion.
  • You are in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the church.
  • You are willing to commit to the responsibilities of membership and ask fellow believers to help you in that effort.

Membership Information Class:

Every 2-3 months we offer a membership information class as an opportunity for people to find out more about our church, what we believe, and how they can live out their faith in this church family.  This class is generally offered on a Sunday afternoon from 4-7pm at the church.  There are no strings attached to this membership class so feel free to just come learn more about our church and get to know some of the leaders.  Then if God prompts your heart to join as members we will be glad to walk you through the process.

Core Commitments of Membership

I will trust Christ and grow in faith and godliness: This involves a personal relationship with Christ marked by Bible study, prayer, and growth in godliness.  We constantly evaluate our lives to see if there is sin that we rationalize or refuse to give up.

I will regularly participate in corporate worship as an overflow of my own personal worship: As a member, I will faithfully attend and actively participate in Sunday morning services through learning, singing, and giving.

I will place God’s mission above my own personal preferences: I know that God has called me to serve his purposes in this church and therefore I will not be a passive observer or a nagging critic.  I will be an active participant by laying down my personal preferences to pursue Christ’s mission.

I will contribute to the unity of this church: I will pray for my church and its leaders, refuse to gossip, deal with conflict directly and lovingly, and extend forgiveness when wronged.

I will cultivate gospel-centered relationships in my family and church: I recognize my own responsibility to live out the gospel with my family members, growing in greater godliness as a family.  I will also seek discipling relationships within the church so that I can mentor and be mentored, sharing my life with others with transparency.

I will study God’s word in small group community: Whether a men’s/women’s study, a home group, or a Sunday morning study, I will find a group that allows me to grow in the context of biblical community.

I will serve faithfully by using the gifts that God has given me: I know that God has given me gifts to use in service of the body and I will look for formal and informal ways that I can serve this church family.

I will demonstrate and proclaim the gospel to unbelievers: I will intentionally cultivate relationships of influence with unbelievers and share the gospel with them as God gives me the opportunity.  I will also consider how I can be involved in supporting and partnering with missions efforts locally and globally.